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The Silver Surfer


Interview (2003)

The Silver Surfer - Interview

One of the acts at the recent Pennyblackmusic bands night, Silver Surfer recently finished to much acclaim their first ever British tour. Olga Sladeckova talks to the Oregon group, who are ack for a second interview, about their new album 'If This Is Ou

Interview (2002)

The Silver Surfer - Interview

Inspired by the Jesus & Mary Chain, the Pixies and the Beat Happening, Oregon group the Silver Surfer is about to release its second album and will tour Britain next year. Olga Sladeckova chats to frontman Ryan Carroll about the band's five year history


Half Moon , London

The Silver Surfer - Half Moon , London

One of the highlights of the recent Pennyblackmusic Night, Silver Surfer played the second date of their British tour at the London Half Moon. Olga Sladeckova watches the Portland, Orgegon shoegazers play another sparkling set


The Honestly EP (2002)

"Fresh" sounding second album from Portland, Oregon indie-pop group with a chain of influences including the Pixies, the Beach Boys, the Jesus and Mary Chain, Blur and Ride

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