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Thalia Zedek


Interview (2013)

Thalia Zedek - Interview

Paul Waller speaks to Thalia Zedek, the former singer with alternative rock/experimental acts Come and Live Skull about 'Via', her fourth and latest solo album

Interview (2002)

Thalia Zedek - Interview

One of the most influential and important singers and guitarists in American indie rock, Thalia Zedek has a long musical career that expands across four decades and nearly twenty five years. After moving from Washington to Boston in the late seventies,


Been Here And Gone (2001)

As the co-leader of the highly acclaimed Come, Thalia Zedek developed a reputation in the 1990s for playing Sonic Youth style discordant rock with an abrasive edge. All four of Come's albums- 'Ele

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