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Interview (2016)

Telescopes - Interview

Anthony Strutt speaks to Stephen Lawrie from experimental/psychedelic act the Telescopes about his band's lengthy history and their recent inclusion on 'Still in a Dream', a new five CD shoegaze box set

Interview (2006)

Telescopes - Interview

Former Creation label signings, the Telescopes play their own unqiue blend of instrumental electronica and post and industrial rock. Main man Stephen Lawrie talks to John Clarkson about the band's new mini-album, 'The Hungry Audio Tapes'

Interview (2004)

Telescopes - Interview

One of the great Creation Records bands, psychedelia act Telescopes returned in 2002 after long absence with their third album, 'Third Wave'. Frontman Stephen Lawrie chats about the band's rapidly evolving style, and plans for their firuth and fifth album


Mondo Underbelly, London, 17/2/2010

Telescopes - Mondo Underbelly, London, 17/2/2010

Anthony Strutt watches former Creation band the Telescopes play a violent and darkly impressive set of songs from their 1989 debut album, 'Taste'

Marquee, London. 7/10/2005

Telescopes - Marquee, London. 7/10/2005

The Telescopes were often bracketed as a shoegazing act in the early 90s. Back after a long absence and having completely changed direction, Dominic Simpson sees them play a stunning set that utilises drone frequencies and oceanic washes of guitar noise.


Songs of Love and Revolution (2021)

Haunting and also surprisingly accessible twelfth album from London-based veteran noise/experimental rockers the Telescopes

Exploding Head Syndrome (2019)

Discordant but often riveting and surprising eleventh album from experimental noise rock act the Telecopes

Hidden Fields (2015)

Eighth offering from Stephen Lawrie's the Telescopes, whom deliver a fine soundscape of noise and confusion

#4 (2005)

Excellent and atmospheric largely instrumental rock from former Creation label signings the Telescopes back with a fourth album on their own Antenna Records label

Altered Perception (2004)

Patchy retrospective for What Goes On and Creation Records signings, the Telescopes, which compiles together material from their first two early 90's albums



One Unique Signal
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

London/Brighton-based psychedelic/shoegazing band One Unique Signal speak to Anthony Strutt about their ten year history and playing shows as the backing band with one of their main influences, the Telescopes

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