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Here Come The Tears (2005)

Appealing debut album from the Tears, the new project of former Suede stars Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson which carries on from where their old band left off

Refugees (2005)

First single from the Tears, the new project of former Suede vocalist and guitarist Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler



Question Mark and the Mysterians
Interview Question Mark And The Mysterians - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to Question Mark from 60's group Question Mark and the Mysterians about his group's infamous song, '96 Tears', his take on popular culture and why from other musicians and record companies he has never received the recognition he should have done


Deep Elm
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

Often seen as the world's definitive emo label, Deep Elm have recently released a free sampler, 'This is How I Kill my Tears'. Ben Howarth looks at how much the label has progressed in the seven years since it first formed


Virgin Megastore, London, 25/4/2005 Ted Reichman - Virgin Megastore, London, 25/4/2005

The Tears are the new band of Suede's Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler. At a Virgin in-store gig to promote their debut single. 'Refugees', Anthony Strutt, despite hating them first time around, finds himself enjoying the "old magic"


Tears for Fears
The Hurting Tears For Fears - The Hurting

Tommy Gunnarsson examines synth duo Tears Tor Fears' debut album 'The Hurting', which has just been released in a new thirtieth anniversary edition that consists of three CDs and also a DVD


Soundtrack of Our Lives
Tears in Heaven Miscellaneous - Tears in Heaven

Olga Sladeckova writes of an evening at her parents' house in Prague in 2001 spent with her late father and watching with him Eric Clapton perform 'Tears in Heaven' from his 'Unplugged' album


BST Hyde Park
Photoscapes Miscellaneous - Photoscapes

Darren Aston photographs the Killers, Elbow and Tears for Fears at a BST Hyde Park gig in London

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