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Tears - Refugees

  by Anthony Strutt

published: 18 / 4 / 2005

Tears - Refugees
Label: Independiente
Format: CDS


First single from the Tears, the new project of former Suede vocalist and guitarist Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler

The Tears are a new band with a big sound, but they aren't really new at all. They could be described as Suede 2, and are the reunion of the song writing partnership of Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler, who many people thought were the 90's version of Morrissey and Marr, although not me. I always hated Suede, but in these days in which nothing much is happening, apart from a mega cool 80's revival it's good to have these two guys from the South Coast writing again. 'Refugees', the first single off their forthcoming album 'Here Come the Tears', sounds instantly like Suede with its big drums and big guitars. It is quite short in length, but an instant classic. The CDS version of 'Refugees' comes in two formats with different additional tracks on each. 'Southern Rain', which appears on the first CDS, is much slower, and piano lead, and has a strong vocal by Brett. 'Feels Like a Monday ', the first of two tracks which appears on the second CDS, is as strong a track as 'Refugees' with loud Bernard guitars and a loud vocal. It would be very hard not to know instantly who is playing this music. 'Branded', the second track, is more moody and experimental, and all the better because of it. There is also a 7" version which is available in clear vinyl. The B side of this is ''Break Away', which is again piano based and slow . A fine debut from old names. See them while you can ! They may divorce each other again.

Track Listing:-
1 Refugees
2 Southern Rain

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Here Come The Tears (2005)
Appealing debut album from the Tears, the new project of former Suede stars Bernard Butler and Brett Anderson which carries on from where their old band left off

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