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Mermaid Theatre, 23/7/2007

Bees - Mermaid Theatre, 23/7/2007

Despite being dropped recently by EMI, Chris O' Toole is convinced that the Bees still have a bright future after watching them play a triumphant set of their unqiue blend of reggae, psychedelic rock, Americana and swing at the Mermaid Theatre in London


Listening Man (2007)

Exciting and thrilling new single from the Bees which shows itself to be an instant soul classic

Punchbag (2001)

The Isle of Wight's finest Rivièra combo, the Bees introduce their unique blend of insular rhythms with Britpop sensitivity. First there was an excellent 7" release in a ridiculously small edition. T


She Keeps Bees
Puzzle Hall, Sowerby Bridge, 13/8/2009

At the Puzzle Hall in Sowerby Bridge , Helen Tipping is impressed by both Brooklyn-based bluesy indie rock duo She Keeps Bees' enthusiasm as well as talent at a show on their first UK tour

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