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Hard On The Trail (2004)

Excellent farewell album from the underacknowledged and unique Rydell, who were one of the early champions of the Emo movement

Per Adrua Ad Astra (2001)

When I think of hardcore punk I think of loud, fast and simplistic music from labels such as Epitaph and Fat Wreck Chords. A lot of people hate this stuff and, despite being a fan of NOFX, Terrorgrupp



Interview Ignition - Interview

Ignition is a Kent-based record label and distribution service , with a self-proclaimed mission "to help hardcore kids get the music they want at affordable prices". Label co-owner and Rydell guitarist Milo talks to Ben Howarth about its first two years


Bobby Rydell
Raging Pages Bobby Rydell - Raging Pages

In his new autobiography, American vocalist Bobby Rydell chronicles his early rise to fame and subsequent personal challenges and triumphs.

Soundtrack of Our Lives
Rydell and the 16 Year Old Amateur Music Journalist Miscellaneous - Rydell and the 16 Year Old Amateur Music Journalist

In our 'Soundtrack of Our Lives' column, Ben Howarth writes of ten years of writing of Pennyblackmusic, and an early interview with forgotten emo group, Rydell

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