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Rita Coolidge


Interview (2018)

Rita Coolidge - Interview

Rita Coolidge tells Lisa Torem some pre-production back stories, talks about her appreciation for guest artists and explains why true love remains a timeless endeavour


Boisdale, London, 17/5/2018

Rita Coolidge - Boisdale, London, 17/5/2018

Adam Coxon finds that, despite being showcased in a noisy venue, Rita Coolidge 'surpasses all expectations' when performing select material from new album, 'Safe in the Arms of Time' during a much-awaited four-night appearance in London, where 'she was greeted by the clanging of cutlery'.


Safe in the Arms of Time (2018)

Excellent new recording from Rita Coolidge, who working with a talented team of co-writers and A-list musicians, shines on this latest studio album

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