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Max Tundra


Parallax Error Beheads You (2008)

Fabulously rich pastiche of eurodisco ditties and off-kilter top-40 music on first album in six years from American electronic artist and humorist, Max Tundra

Will Get Fooled Again (2008)

Strong new single from the ever experimental and distinctive Max Tundra, which does not appear to be especially clever at first but which only turns out to be after repeated plays.

Lysine (2002)

Surprisingly radio friendly new single from electronics wizard, Max Tundra

Some Best Friend You Turned Out To Be (2001)

Max Tundra is an oddball who has had releases on most of the UK's prestigious labels. His reputation within the maverick music-industry as the Wizard of Oz is confirmed on his debut for the Domino l

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