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Magic Numbers


Interview (2005)

Magic Numbers - Interview

The Magic Numbers have risen in just over a year from being a little known indie act to one of the best known bands in Britain. Anthony Strutt chats to bassist Michele Stodart and percussionist Angela Gannon about sudden fame and their recent debut album


Water Rat's London, 16/3/2004

Magic Numbers - Water Rat's London, 16/3/2004

The "shyly raucous" Magic Numbers' tally of live performances has yet to enter into double figures, but already have a stage presence. After a London Water Rat's show, Emma Haigh leaves with her "mind swirling and speaking in colours"


This is a Song (2007)

Superb smile-raising latest single from the Magic Numbers

Love Me Like You Do (2005)

Excellent second single from the much acclaimed Magic Numbers' debut album

Magic Numbers (2005)

Classy harmony-friendly indie pop on debut album from thje much-hyped Magic Numbers, who are both loved and hated in equal measure

Forever Lost (2005)

New single from the highly touted the Magic Numbers

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