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Interview (2011)

Magazine - Interview

Howard Devoto, the front man with Magazine, speaks to Denzil Watson about 'No Thyself', his reformed band's first album in twenty eight years, and touring

Interview with Dave Formula (2008)

Magazine - Interview with Dave Formula

Denzil Watson speaks to Dave Formula, the keyboardist with seminal post punk band Magazine, about their decision to reform for some shows next year for the first time since splitting in 1981



Vinny Peculiar
Interview Vinny Peculiar - Interview

Once described by 'Uncut' magazine as 'the Tony Hancock of pop', Mancurian musician Vinny Peculiar is about to release his seventh album, 'Goodbye My Angry Friend'. He speaks to Anthony Strutt about it, and his band which includes ex-Oasis guitarist Bonehead and former Smiths drummer Mike Joyce

Everett True/Careless Talk Costs Lives

Fomer Melody Maker journalist, and the man who brought grunge and Nirvana to Britain, Everett True has recently started a new magazine 'Careless Talk Cost Lives'. David McNamee chats to him about its spectacular first edition.


Top 10+1 Reasons Q was the Best Music Mag of its Generation Miscellaneous - Top 10+1 Reasons Q was the Best Music Mag of its Generation

The news that Q magazine was closing this year after a 34-year run due to Covid-19 sent shock waves through the music community. Ex Q editorial assistant Cila Warncke talks to other former work colleagues about their fond memories of the influential magazine.

John Clarkson
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Pennyblackmusic magazine editor John Clarkson talks to Lisa Torem on its twentieth anniversary about the formation and history of our website.

American Honey
Film Miscellaneous - Film

Jamie Rowland reflects on new road movie 'American Honey', which is about a girl joining a travelling teenage magazine crew, and its hip-hop-fused soundtrack

Book-Baron Wolman
The Rolling Stone Years Baron Wolman - The Rolling Stone Years

Lisa Torem examines Baron Wolman's new book which compiles together and meditates upon his photography for 'Rolling Stone' magazine between 1967 and 1970

Profile -Trish Keenan
Top 10 Broadcast - Top 10

Broadcast singer Trish Keenan sadly died at the age of 42 last month of pneumonia. Gilbert Blecken interviewed her in 2005 for a German music magazine and, as part of that interview, asked her to provide a list of her Top 10 favourite albums

Loops Magazine Miscellaneous - Loops Magazine

Chris O' Toole looks at new bi-annual publication 'Loops Magazine', whivch is being published in a joint venture between Domino Records and publishers Faber

Mike Gayle
Interview Mike Gayle - Interview

Former fanzine writer and magazine agony editor Mike Gayle has now written six books of fiction about male-female relationhips. He chats to Anthony Strutt about them and his interest in rock music

Mick Wall
Interview Mick Wall - Interview

Music journalist Mick Wall talks to Mark Rowland about his new book 'Star Trippin', which collects together several of the best pieces he wrote for 'Keerang' magazine between 1985 and 1991, and includes interviews with the likes of 'Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica, Poison and Ozzy Osbourne


Vive Le Rock Awards
Islington Academy, London, 27/3/2019 Vive Le Rock Awards - Islington Academy, London, 27/3/2019

Adrian Janes finds UK rock magazine Vive Le Rock’s awards once again paying punky homage to heroes and icons.

Sheffield, Plug, 25/10/2011 Jessie J - Sheffield, Plug, 25/10/2011

Denzil Watson finds Magazine to be as relevant now as they were in their late 70's/early 80's heyday at show to promote their first album in twenty eight years, 'No Thyself', at the Plug in Sheffield

Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004 Septembre - Metro Club, London, 1/4/2004

Epic guitar rock band Septembre is the new project of ex- Vex Red singer, Terry Abbot. At their first headline show, fan Philip Vincent watches them put on an unfortunately lacklustre show to an audience consisting largely of label and magazine people


John Clarkson
Vinyl Stories Miscellaneous - Vinyl Stories

Magazine Editor John Clarkson remembers his youth and university days in Loughborough and his penchant for home taping way back in the Eighties

Kerrang Tour Miscellaneous - Kerrang Tour

Metal magazine Kerrang's latest tour, which was entitled the Relentless Energy Drink Tour, took place in January and February. For our Photoscapes series Katie Anderson at the Southampton Guildhall photographs two of the acts, Madina Lake and Circa

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