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Little Feat


Ain’t Had Enough Fun (2019)

Newly reissued and solid 1995 Little Feat album with a new and unique formation of the band

Live from Neon Park (2018)

Enjoyable double CD reissue of Little Feat’s live performances from 1996 which prove just how enduring and exciting their music can be

40 Feat: The Hot Tomato Anthology (2011)

Magnificent three CD compilation of mainly live recordings recorded at different points in their forty year history from influential country rock outfit, Little Feat



Interview with June Millington Fanny - Interview with June Millington

Early 1970s's all girl band Fanny were pioneers of the feminist movement and included Little Feat's Lowell George and David Bowie among their fans. Singer and guitarist June Millington talks to Lisa Torem about her band's influence and her musical career

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