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Little Feat - Ain’t Had Enough Fun

  by Carl Bookstein

published: 27 / 11 / 2019

Little Feat - Ain’t Had Enough Fun
Label: Floating World
Format: CD


Newly reissued and solid 1995 Little Feat album with a new and unique formation of the band

Now reissued, 'Ain’t Had Enough Fun' by Little Feat is a 1995 album that represented the band’s fourth release, following their reconvening in 1987. Some folks felt the band could never replace Lowell George, the great songwriter and guitar hero, who died back in the late 1970s. But the band was not ready to hang up their rock and roll shoes. Taking lead vocals on this album is Shaun Murphy, who puts in a fine performance here. The Little Feat cast includes Paul Barrere on guitars, Sam Clayton on percussion, Kenny Gradney on bass, Richie Hayward on drums, Bill Payne on keyboards and Fred Tackett on guitar and mandolin. The opener 'Drivin’ Blind' finds Little Feat chiming brightly from the get go, with unique electric percussion and a Cajun feel. Shaun Murphy supplies a powerful female presence. “It was just a matter of time/I didn’t see the signals/I was driving blind.” It is a rollicking number and a stomp. 'Blue Jeans Blues' is a solid rocker with some stinging guitar, finding the band in the groove. “Where I’m going, I ain’t figured out yet/ It staggers the imagination.” 'Cadillac Hotel' includes a fine Bonnie Raitt style vocal by Murphy. “Every story has a hero, down at the Cadillac Hotel.” There are lyrics about turning water into wine. “It’s not how you’re living/It’s how you survive.” 'Big Bang Theory' is a straight ahead chugging rocker. “Got me thinking about the way things are/Been this way since time began/Harder to figure than the big bang theory.” 'Heaven’s Where You Find It' offers simple wisdom that rings clear as truth. “Heaven’s where you find it/It’s standing right in front of you/There’s a paradise right here on earth.” 'Borderline Blues' features an outstanding organ intro. “Tomorrow is forever/So hold on one more night/I’m coming home.” Finally the closer 'That’s A Pretty Good Love' comes across genuine and heartfelt. “Ain’t nobody love you like I do/Ain’t nothing I wouldn’t do/That’s a pretty good love.” 'Ain’t Had Enough Fun' proves a worthy Little Feat reissue, from a stalwart band that has seen many changes.

Track Listing:-
1 Drivin' Blind
2 Blue Jeans Blues
3 Cadillac Hotel
4 Romance Without Finance
5 Big Bang Theory
6 Cajun Rage
7 Heaven's Where You Find It
8 Borderline Blues
9 All That You Can Stand
10 Rock & Roll Everynight (Live in Oregon & California - December 1995)
11 Shakeytown
12 Ain't Had Enough Fun
13 That's A Pretty Good Love

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