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Lazarus Effect


Interview (2003)

Lazarus Effect - Interview

Indie guitar band the Lazarus Effect have been in London for a year after forming Sheffield in four years ago. They talk to John Clarkson about their hunt for a deal, and their ultra-angry new second EP, "Easily Led'


Verge, London, 17/6/2003

Lazarus Effect - Verge, London, 17/6/2003

Having moved down from Sheffield last year, the Lazarus Effect have become an increasingly steady presence on London's music scene. Olga Sladeckova catches a most "special" band in action


This End (2005)

Spikily intelligent new EP from indie guitar band the Lazarus Effect back with their first recoding in nearly two years



Bitter Springs, Stained Glass Heroes and
Needles, London, 16/12/2003 Goblins - Needles, London, 16/12/2003

In one of London's more obscure venues, Olga Sladeckova watches headliners Bitter Springs and two other local bands, Stained Glass Heroes and the Lazarus Effect, deliver tight, but impressive sets


Pennyblackmusic Bands Night 3
Report Miscellaneous - Report

The third Pennyblackmusic Bands Night took place on August 2nd, and featured excellent sets from Lupine Howl, Bikini Atoll, the Lazarus Effect and Kelman. We look back on a fantastic evening

Pennyblackmusic Bands Night
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

The third Pennyblackmusic Bands Night will take place at the Spitz in London on August 2nd. There will be four great acts-Lupine Howl, Bikini Atoll, the Lazarus Effect and Ashby -and it all costs £7. Further details can be found here

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