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Who Never Rests (2007)

Disappointing mixture of industrial music and clubby house pop from former Matador signing Khan, who has returned after a long absence



Interview Kepler - Interview

With one of their key members leaving to join the Arcade Fire and record label problems, Kepler feel lucky to release their much-delayed third album 'Attic Salt' at all. Front man Samir Khan talks to John Clarkson about its difficult release.


Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan
Ravinia Pavilion, Highland Park, Illlinois, 6/7/2019 Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan - Ravinia Pavilion, Highland Park, Illlinois, 6/7/2019

Lisa Torem watches co-headliners Michael McDonald and Chaka Khan perform many of their greatest hits at the Ravinia Pavilion at Highland Park, Illinois.

Bat for Lashes
O2 Academy, Leicester, 28/10/2012

Dave Goodwin watches Bat for Lashes, the moniker for London-based singer-songwriter Natasha Khan, play a theatrical and surprisingly vulnerable set at the O2 Academy in Leicester

King Khan
Dirty Water Club, London, 12/12/2008 King Khan - Dirty Water Club, London, 12/12/2008

Canadian garage rocker King Khan and his band the Shrines recently played their first ever British dates. Sarah Maybank watches him play an inflammatory set like a man deranged at the London Dirty Water Club

King Khan and BBQ Show, Bloodshot Bill and Four’N’Giv’r
Irene's, Ottawa, 20/11/2006 King Khan - Irene's, Ottawa, 20/11/2006

At a carnivalesque gig from soul-garage rockers King Khan and BBQ hastily rearranged at Irene's in Ottawa, Andrew Carver witnesses chasos being born out of more chaos

King Khan and His Sensational Shrines
Ottawa, 6/6/2006 King Khan - Ottawa, 6/6/2006

Back from Germany where he has been living for the last few years, Montreal R + B soul singer King Khan recently returned to Canada with the band he formed over there. Andrew Carver watches him play a rowdy and entertaining show at Ottawa's Babylon club

King Khan and BBQ
Babylon, Ottawa, 4/2/2005 King Khan - Babylon, Ottawa, 4/2/2005

At the Babylon Club in Ottawa, Andrew Carver watches unpredictable art punk double act King Khan and BBQ play "an energetic, trashy and entertaining show "

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