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July Skies


Interview (2006)

July Skies - Interview

In all of its recordings ambient act July Skies, the project of Antony Harding has demonstrated a a deep aching longing and sad nostalgia for the past of the last century. With July Skies' fourth album 'The Weather Clock' due out in the spring, John Clarkson talks to Antony Harding abouthis group


The Weather Clock (2008)

Reverent and thoughtful largely instrumental fourth album from July Skies, the project of Antony Harding, which with evocative tenderness displays a deep longing for the past

Where the Days Go (2006)

Sublime and delicately evocative post rock on third album from July Skies, the project of London-based musician Anthony Harding

The English Cold (2005)

Haunting, eccentric post rock from July Skies, the solo project of Avrocar's Anthony Harding, dedicated to airmen killed during the Second World War

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