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Essex Green


A Short Chat with Sasha Bell (2002)

Essex Green - A Short Chat with Sasha Bell

After hearing the new record by The Essex Green, I was immediately drawn in by the great songwriting and vocal harmonies on all the songs. I recently had the chance to correspond with band member Sas


Hardly Electronic (2018)

First-rate comeback album from US trio The Essex Green who have returned after a twelve year hiatus with their now classic blend of country/folk/indiepop

Everything Is Green (2001)

Everything is green...again. The latest branch of the Elephant 6 family tree, the Essex Green, have produced an album of soothing psych-pop tunes that will have you breaking out the incense in no tim



Essex Green
Interview Empyrium - Interview

Indiepop group the Essex Green have just released their first album in three years, 'Cannibal Sea'. Tommy Gunnarsson chats to Christopher Zither from the band about the band's musical history and the new record


Camera Obscura and the Essex Green
Barrymore's, Ottawa, 30/1/2007 Camera Obscura - Barrymore's, Ottawa, 30/1/2007

At a show at Barrymore's in Ottawa, Andrew Carver watches Camera Obscura play an enchanting set of Belle and Sebastian-style pop, but have some of their thunder stolen by the country-influnced sunshine pop of support act the Essex Green

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