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Interview (2002)

Electrelane - Interview

All girl guitar band Electrelane released their debut album 'Rock It to the Moon' on their own label Let's Rock earlier this year. About to go into the studio to record a second album with Steve Albini, guitarist Mia Clarke talks about the group's history


Cavern Club, Exeter, 27/4/2004

Electrelane - Cavern Club, Exeter, 27/4/2004

One of Britain’s best bands, Electrelane released an excellent second album, 'The Power Out', earlier this year. Ben Howarth at Exeter Caern Club finds that it is on stage that the all-girl group "really come alive"


Gabriel (2001)

This is the third single from the Brighton four piece, and it continues to suggest that they are one of Britain's most promising new groups. They clearly have a sense of humour, printing "Britney fear



Electrelane and the Early Years
Scala, London, 3/5/2007 Eliane Radigue - Scala, London, 3/5/2007

Despite releasing four eclectic and very different albums, Chris O' Toole is unimpressed by experimental all girl trio Electrelane's performance at the London Scala on their latest tour

Electrelane/Early Years
Luminaire, London, 24/5/2006 Goblin Market - Luminaire, London, 24/5/2006

At the Luminaire in London, Dominic Simpson sees experimental art rockers Electrelane put on a strong show, but nevertheless be outshone by an enthralling performance from support act the Early Years

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