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Interview with Mike Peters Part 2 (2004)

Alarm - Interview with Mike Peters Part 2

In the second part of our Alarm interview, the first part of which we published last month, frontman Mike Peters talks to Anthony Strutt about the recent release of all his band's old albums, and his side project , punk supergroup, Dead Men Walking

Interview with Mike Peters (2004)

Alarm - Interview with Mike Peters

in the first part of a two part interview, Anthony Strutt talks to Welsh rockers the Alarm's frontman Mike Peter about the band's early beginnings and his pride in his home country


O2 Academy, Liverpool, 8/3/2016

Alarm - O2 Academy, Liverpool, 8/3/2016

Marking their 35th year as a band, the Alarm plays to a sizeable crowd supporting the Stranglers at the Liverpool Academy


New Home, New Life (2004)

Excellent new CDS from reformed 80's anthemic rockers the Alarm, their first official single in thirteen years

In The Poppy Fields (2004)

Anthem-filled and powerful new record from the much-loved the Alarm, back with their first album in 13 years



Mike Peters
Interview Mike Peters - Interview

While on his 'Spirit of ’86' anniversary tour in North America Alarm frontman Mike Peters discusses with Kimberly Bright his extensive career, punk, technology, his Love Hope Strength Foundation for cancer victims and his Welsh identity

Booker T.
Interview Booker T and The Mg's - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to legendary organist, arranger and producer Booker T. Jones about his Memphis/Stax Label influences, his creative collaborations with contemporary artists and how 'Sound the Alarm', his tenth and latest studio album, reaches firmly into the past, yet celebrates the present


Theatre Of Hate
Profile Theatre Of Hate - Profile

Denzil Watson reflects on a new expanded five-CD box set from 1980's post-punks Theatre of Hate, which as well as featuring the original 1981 and 1982 live albums 'He Who Dares Wins' recorded in Leeds and Berlin, has three additional gigs recorded between 1982 and 2012

Radio Khartoum
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

LB : Hello, how are you today? AB : Feeling surprisingly fit, thank you, considering how late I worked last night. Woke up fresh after 4 hours, no alarm, no nothing, just kinda ready... If I figure it out, I'll patent it.


Sala Repvblicca, Valencia, 30/4/2023 Mission - Sala Repvblicca, Valencia, 30/4/2023

Philamonjaro photographs and watches a haunting, career-spanning performance from The Mission in Valencia.

Theatre Of Hate
Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 12/12/2018

Theatre Of Hate
Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 12/12/2018 Theatre Of Hate - Rescue Rooms, Nottingham, 12/12/2018

Denzil Watson watches reformed 80's post punks Theatre of Hate, despite frontman Kirk Brandon battling a stomach bug, play an impressive set at the Rescue Rooms in Nottingham.

Starry Nites Festival
Santa Barbara, 18/3/2017 Miscellaneous - Santa Barbara, 18/3/2017

L. Paul Mann at the first day of new Californian festival Starry Nites watches and photographs performances from among others Afishinsea, the Strawberry Alarm Clock, Thunderpussy, the Dandy Warhols and the Kills

Wayne Hussey
West End Centre, Aldershot, 28/5/2003 Mission - West End Centre, Aldershot, 28/5/2003

Julia Willis has been a fan of both Wayne Hussey and the Mission for years, but at the West End Centre in Aldershot she is forced to reflect on how some things aren't meant to last...

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