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Interview (2005)

Cousteau - Interview

After a long absence Irish torch balladeers Cousteau are back with a third album, 'Nova Scotia.' Frontman Liam McKahey chats about litigation problems with their former label, and how the band has survived the loss of Davey Ray Moor, their main songwriter


Borderline, London, 22/3/2005

Cousteau - Borderline, London, 22/3/2005

At the London Borderline, Anthony Strutt watches torch song balladeers Cousteau and the nine piece Copenhagen play enticing sets

Birmingham Academy

Cousteau - Birmingham Academy

Love in the afternoon and this high rise isn’t going to keep the demons out when they come looking. Lock up your absinthe and prepare to bleed, Cousteau are in town and tonight’s the night Cupid gets


Nova Scotia (2005)

Long-awaited third album from much acclaimed torch balladeers Cousteau, who, despite losing their main songwriter, have come up with an album that " is very elegant in its depictions of tales of love and loss"



Liam McKahey
Interview Liam McKahey and the Bodies - Interview

The former singer with Cousteau, Cork-born singer Liam McKahey talks to Anthony Strutt about his new debut solo album, 'Lonely Road'

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