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Interview (2004)

Clayhill - Interview

Clayhill are back with their second album of the year, 'Small Circle', three songs of which have been used on a short film. "Nothern Soul' by cult director Shane Meadows. They talk to Anthony Strutt about the making of the film


One Nerve (2006)

Impressive new download only single from Clayhill, the current project of former Sunhouse singer Gavin Clark, and guitarist Ted Barnes and double bassist Ali Friend , both of whom used to play with Beth Orton.

Mine At Last (2006)

Elegant and husky gentle guitar rock on fourth album from Clayhill, the group of ex Beth Orton guitarist and bassist Ted Barnes and Al Friend and former Sunhouse sinher Gavin Clark

Acoustic (2005)

First-rate acoustic mini album from Clayhill, the project of former Sunhouse vocalist Gavin Clark, and guitarist Ted Barnes and double bassist Ali Friend, both of whom also play in Beth Orton's backing band

Small Circle (2004)

Excellent and eclectic first full-length album from Clayhill, which includes former Sunhouse singer Gavin Cklark, and Ted Barnes and Ali Friend, both of whom have worked with Beth Orton

Cuban Green (2004)

Superior, slow-paced guitar music on mini debut album from new three piece, Clayhll, whose membes have been in Red Snapper, Beth Orton's regular band and Sunhouse



Ted Barnes
Interview Ted Barnes - Interview

One of Britain's most prolific guitarists, Ted Barnes is Beth Orton's formular regular guitarist and is also part of much praised folk trio Clayhill. Anthony Strutt talks to him about his just released third solo album, 'Portal Neu'

Interview Paul The Girl - Interview

Clayhill is the new project of Ted Barnes and Ali Friend, both of whom play with Beth Orton, and former Sunhouse singer Gavin Clark. With their new six-track mini-album 'Cuban Green' just out, Anthony Strutt talks to them at their first London gig

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