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Ezra Furman


Tramshed, Cardiff, 31/8/2023

Ezra Furman - Tramshed, Cardiff, 31/8/2023

Steev Burgess watches acclaimed US indie rocker Ezra Furman, while battling against the elements, deliver an impressive, passionate show in Cardiff

Roundhouse, London, 17/11/2022

Ezra Furman - Roundhouse, London, 17/11/2022

Steev Burgess enjoys a career-spanning set from US-based alt-pop maverick Ezra Furman.


Photoscapes (2022)

Ezra Furman - Photoscapes

Amanda J Window takes photos of American singer-songwriter Ezra Furman at The Ritz in Manchester.


All of Us Flames (2022)

Intelligent and heartfelt sixth solo album from poetic American singer-songwriter Ezra Furman

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