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Interview with Giulio Calvino (2003)

Candies - Interview with Giulio Calvino

Italian trio the Candies started out a post rock group, but have now become a punk act. With their second album, 'Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider', just out, Mark Rowland, talks to group leader Giulio Calvino about their change in direction.

Interview (2002)

Candies - Interview

Italy's best export since pizza, Candies are breathing new life into the European indie scene with their eclectic post-rock sound, taking in the jittery, dissonant sounds of Slint and mixing them with breakneck art-punk, grunge's sludgier moments, Aphex-


Garage, London, 30/5/2003

Candies - Garage, London, 30/5/2003

Since interviewing frontman Giulio Calvino for the first time, Mark Rowland has waited almost two years to see Italian post-punk trio the Candies, but finds the experience well worth the wait at the London Garage


Dense Waves Make Your Eyes Wider (2003)

Excellent second album from Italy's Candies, which finds them moving away from their post rock past, and towards a new punk sound

Leaving Our Homes (2001)

Candies are a rare thing - an Italian post-rock band. Italy does not really have a great reputation when it comes to innovative music. Thankfully, Candies are an exception. The first noticable thing a

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