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Chris Haddon


Interview (2018)

Chris Haddon - Interview

Kimberly Bright speaks to Chris Haddon, the singer and guitarist for The Minx and Heavy On The Magic, about his new full-time career as a holistic healer.


Convoy (2013)

Chris Haddon - Convoy

Fiona Hutchings enjoys Sam Peckinpah's 1978 Country and Western/trucker saga 'Convoy', which has just been re-released on DVD


Liverpool Music Awards 1

Chris Haddon - Liverpool Music Awards 1

In the first of two photo galleries Marie Hazelwood photographs some of the arrivals at this year's Liverpool Music Awards...


Actress (2009)

Chris Haddon - Actress

Lisa Torem examines 'Actress', the debut album of Chicago-based pop/prog act, Lobster Newberg, which was released at the start of the year

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