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Interview (2018)

Hipsway - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to vocalist Grahame Skinner and guitarist Pim Jones from Scottish rock/dance outfit Hipsway about their third album and first album in thirty years, 'Smoke and Dreams'.

Interview (2017)

Hipsway - Interview

Guitarist Pim Jones speaks to John Clarkson about Scottish dance/rock act Hipsway's history and their remarkable recent reformation after an absence of nearly thirty years.

Interview (2016)

Hipsway - Interview

Grahame Skinner talks to John Clarkson about the reissue of his 80's Glaswegian band Hipsway's eponymous debut album in a thirtieth anniversary edition and their decision to reform for shows in Glasgow and Edinburgh


Hipsway (2016)

Hipsway - Hipsway

John Clarkson finds that Scottish dance/rock act Hipsway's 1986 eponymous debut album, which has just been released in a double CD thirtieth anniversary edition, remains substantial



Grahame Skinner
Interview Skinner - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to to former Hipsway and Cowboy Mouth front man Grahame Skinner about his return to music after a fifteen year absence and his new project Skinner


Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 17/2/2012 Skinner - Electric Circus, Edinburgh, 17/2/2012

Grahame Skinner was the front man with 1980's chart band Hipsway and obscure 1990's art rock project Cowboy Mouth. John Clarkson at the Electric Circus finds him with his new band Skinner and at his first show in Edinburgh to be on unpredictable, but brilliant form


Pennyblackmusic Bands Night
The River, Glasgow, 7th June 2014 Miscellaneous - The River, Glasgow, 7th June 2014

Our Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night in Glasgow, which will take place at new city centre club The River, will feature performances from ex-Hipsway front man Grahame Skinner, Big Hogg, Neil Sturgeon, The Wellgreen, A New International, The Aviators, Zoe Bestel and Nicola Black

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