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She Sleeps, She Sleeps (2016)

Compelling and inflammatory fifth album from Scandinavian jazz terrorists, Fire


Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire
Interview Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire - Interview

Much acclaimed Glasgow-based singer-songwriter Roddy Hart talks to Andy Cassidy about his new band the Lonesome Fire's debut album, 'Roddy Hart and the Lonesome Fire'

Fire Engines
Interview with Davy Henderson Fire Engines - Interview with Davy Henderson

Jon Rogers talks Davy Henderson from Edinburgh-based post-punks the Fire Engines about his group's brief, but influential history

Comets on Fire
Interview Comets On Fire - Interview

After a one-off gig at the Luminaire in London, Dominic Simpson speaks to Erthan Miller from much acclaimed Californian garage/psychedelic act Comets on Fire about his band and its members' other successful projects

Six Organs of Admittance
Interview Six Organs Of Admittance - Interview

Guitarist Ben Chasny, who also plays in Comets on Fire and lots of other act, talks to Dominic Simpson about his psych-folk project Six Organs of Admittance and its new album, 'Shelter from the Ash'

Interview Seachange - Interview

Nottingham alt. rockers Seachange have just released their second album 'On Fire, With Love' on their own label in Britain and on Glitterhouse in Europe. Frontman Dan Eastop talks to John Clarkson about its difficult recording

Interview Kepler - Interview

With one of their key members leaving to join the Arcade Fire and record label problems, Kepler feel lucky to release their much-delayed third album 'Attic Salt' at all. Front man Samir Khan talks to John Clarkson about its difficult release.


Len Bright Combo
Profile Len Bright Combo - Profile

The Len Bright Combo were a short-lived garage/punk band fronted by Stiff Records' Wreckless Eric. Malcolm Carter examines both their albums, 'The Len Bright Combo' and 'Combo Time', which have recently been reissued by Fire Records

Spectorbullets/Mayakovsky Produkts
Interview Blue Eyed Black - Interview

Former Fire Engines drummer Russell Burn and journalist and ex Re-Action Recordings owner Innes Reekie talk to John Clarkson about their new label Mayakovsky Produkts and its first album, the self-titled debut CD of Burn's new band Spectorbullets

DVD-Rocket from the Crypt
RIP Rocket From The Crypt - RIP

Rocket from the Crypt played their farewell show on Halloween night 2005 in their home city of San Diego. With a DVD of that show having just come out, Russell Ferguson looks at it, and, after a fire at it director's house, the miracle that it has been made at all

High on Fire
Profile High On Fire - Profile

Andrew Carver contemplates the career of Californian doom metal titans High on Fire who have just released their fourth album, 'Death is This Communion'

Ottawa Cisco Systems Bluesfest
11/7/2010...18/7/2010 Miscellaneous - 11/7/2010...18/7/2010

...while in its second week he also sees performances from John Hiatt, Rush, Arcade Fire, the Gories, Blonde Redhead and Jimmy Cliff

Barbican, London, 6/10/2008 Tricky - Barbican, London, 6/10/2008

Sarah Maybank finds Tricky's fire and brimstone trip hop spellbinding at his first London show in five years at the Barbican

Bob Mould
KOKO, London, 27/5/2008 Bob Mould - KOKO, London, 27/5/2008

In front of an appreciative crowd at the KOKO in London, Mark Rowland watches former Husker Du and Sugar front man Bob Mould prove that he is still able to carry a rock show like a man half his age and play a fiery, rapid fire set of Greatest Hits and new songs

Arcade Fire
Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, 27/11/2007 Arcade Fire - Manchester Evening News Arena, Manchester, 27/11/2007

One of the most talked about live acts of recent years, Jamie Rowland watches Arcade Fire play an amazing set to a capacity audience at the vast Manchester Evening News Arena


Giant Sand
Ramp Giant Sand - Ramp

Adrian P examines Giant Sand’s much-cherished 1991 studio album once more, which Fire Records have rebooted once more with a renewed double-disc edition.

Television Personalities
Beautiful Despair Television Personalities - Beautiful Despair

Erick Mertz examines 'Beautiful Despair', a 'lost' Television Personalities from 1990, which has finally come out on Fire Records.

Camembert Electrique Gong - Camembert Electrique

The late Daevid Allen’s legacy is enough to fire up the most jaded amongst us. This latest reissue of Gong’s ‘Camembert Electrique’, which comes with stunning packaging, does just that

Reprisal Sweet - Reprisal

Often acclaimed in their lifetime fire and brimstone industrial post-goth rockers Swans are back in the public eye with the re-release of their 'Children of God', 'World of Skin' and 'Swans of Dead' CDs. Jon Rogers finds little to feel joyful about

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