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British Sea Power


Interview (2007)

British Sea Power - Interview

British Sea Power have always traipsed a line between profundity and ridiculousness, and philosophical thought and the surreal. John Clarkson speaks to singer and guitarist Yan about the group's soon-to-be-released third album, 'Do You Like Rock Music ?'

Interview (2002)

British Sea Power - Interview

With their new EP 'Remember Me' just out , British Sea Power have been described as the equivalent of " a Force Ten gale on the peak of Scalfell Pike" . One of the highly tipped bands of the moment, they speak about their unique vision of rock 'n' roll


The People's Concert, Albert Hall, Manchester, 11/11/2017

British Sea Power - The People's Concert, Albert Hall, Manchester, 11/11/2017

Denzil Watson watches British Sea Power play an eccentric but brilliant headline set to commemorate the centenary of the original People's Concert at the Albert Hall in Manchester

KOKO, London, 31/1/2008

British Sea Power - KOKO, London, 31/1/2008

At the KOKO in London, Anthony Strutt watches offbeat rockers British Sea Power play an impressive loud and exuberant set

Club Zero, Sheffield, 21/4/2004

British Sea Power - Club Zero, Sheffield, 21/4/2004

At Club Zero in Sheffield Denzil Watson watches the much acclaimed British Sea Power celebrate the finer points of Great British eccentricity and make it an art form


Open Season (2005)

Very commercial, but ultimately disappointing second album from much acclaimed Brighton rockers, British Sea Power

Decline Of British Sea Power (2003)

Avant-garde 70's New Wave-influenced rock on the much-awaited debut album from British Sea Power, which, far from being a decline, proves to be only "a healthy start"



Interview Sea Power - Interview

Sea Power guitarist Martin Noble talks to Mark Rowland about the band’s new album ‘Everything Was Forever’ and the challenges of finishing an album in lockdown.


British Sea Power
Hippodrome, Kingston, 13/1/2011 Scars - Hippodrome, Kingston, 13/1/2011

At the Hippodrome in Kingston, Neil Palmer watches British Sea Power play an anthemic and typically eccentric set to promote their new album, 'Valhalla Dancehall'

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