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Roddy Woomble


Interview (2017)

Roddy Woomble - Interview

As he prepares to release his fourth 'solo' album, 'The Deluder' Idlewild's Roddy Woomble explains that he really sees it as the work of a genuine band over a 'really creative couple of months' and tells us about the 'great team' he has formed.


Scala, London, 17/10/2011

Roddy Woomble - Scala, London, 17/10/2011

Ben Howarth finds Idlewild singer and now solo artist Roddy Woomble embracing the sounds of traditional British folk music and also paying tribute to his old group in a show at the Scala in London



Interview Idlewild - Interview

Idlewild frontman Roddy Woomble speaks about his band's forthcoming new album, which is being paid for by the sponsorship of their fans, and his recent collaboration with folk musicians, John McCusker and Kris Drever


Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
September 2006 Miscellaneous - September 2006

Radiohead's Thom Yorke, the Manic Street Preachers' James Dean Bradfield and Idlewild Roddy Woomble have all recently released solo albums. Ben Howarth looks at them in the latest in his 'Condemned by Rock 'n' Roll' column

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