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Laura Marling


Interview (2013)

Laura Marling - Interview

Dave Goodwin chats to Spiritualized and Julian Cope guitarist and Nottingham-based engineer and producer Tony 'Doggen' Foster about working with Jake Bugg on his debut solo album and his musical career


Custom House Square, Belfast, 24/7/2011

Laura Marling - Custom House Square, Belfast, 24/7/2011

Tara McEvoy watches the twice Mercury Prize nominated Laura Marling, who was a once crippingly shy stage performer, play a both confident and tranquil set at the Custom Square House in Belfast


Doggen (2013)

Laura Marling - Doggen

In his Vinyl Stories column Dave Goodwin speaks to record producer and Spiritualized and Julian Cope guitarist Tony 'Doggen' Foster about his record collection


Song for Our Daughter (2020)

Lush seventh album from critically-acclaimed folk artist Laura Marling which is written for her fictional daughter



Condemned to Rock 'n' Roll
September 2011 Miscellaneous - September 2011

Ben Howarth in ‘Condemned to Rock ‘n’ Roll’ asks whether Laura Marling’s much acclaimed third album, ‘A Creature Don’t Know’, has the potential to become a classic

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