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Eric Burdon


Interview (2016)

Eric Burdon - Interview

60's icon and Animals front man Eric Burdon speaks with Lisa Torem about performing, improvising and the influence of his Newcastle upbringing

Interview (2013)

Eric Burdon - Interview

Lisa Torem chats to 60's blues legend Eric Burdon about his new album, 'Til Your River Runs Dry'

Interview (2010)

Eric Burdon - Interview

Eric Burdon, the front man with influential 60's blues group the Animals, talks to Lisa Torem about his band's career and legacy


Festival Park, Elgin, Illinois, 24/8/2013

Lisa Torem watches 60's blues veteran Eric Burdon with a new line-up of the Animals play a tight set of classic and new material at Festival Park in Elgin, Illinois

Naperville Rib Fest, Naperville, 3/7/2010

Lisa Torem at the Naperville Rib Fest watches 60's singer Eric Burdon with a new line-up of his band the Animals play a riveting and phenonomal set of blues rock



Lightnin' Willie
Interview Lightnin' Willie - Interview

In this archival interview from 2010, Nick Dent-Robinson talks to legendary bluesgrass musician Lightnin' Willie about his band the Poorboys, encounters with Jimi Hendrix, Muddy Waters and Eric Burdon, and his love of touring and the UK.


DVD-Eric Burdon
The Animals and Beyond Animals - The Animals and Beyond

While filmed in 1991 and missing out on almost twenty years in his extraordinary career, Malcolm Carter finds the reissue of documentary film 'The Animals and Beyond' providing plenty of insight into the life of sixties legend Eric Burdon

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