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Interview (2009)

Heartbreaks - Interview

Dixie Ernill speaks to Morecambe-formed, but now Manchester-based band the Heartbreaks, whose music which takes the best elements from the Smiths, Orange Juice, C86 pop bands and sixties girl groups, seems set for major record label success


Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 6/5/2012

Heartbreaks - Ruby Lounge, Manchester, 6/5/2012

Dixie Ernill develops a crush on the Heartbreaks as the indie-pop band return to their hometown of Manchester

Sacred Trinity Church, Salford, 15/12/2010

Heartbreaks - Sacred Trinity Church, Salford, 15/12/2010

With their debut album due out shortly, Dixie Ernill finds indie pop band the Heartbreaks a year on from winning a Manchester Evening News award for best band showing steadily more confidence in a fiery show at the Sacred Trinity Church in Salford

Deaf Institute, Manchester, 17/7/2009

Heartbreaks - Deaf Institute, Manchester, 17/7/2009

At the Deaf Institute in Manchester, Dixie Ernill is impressed by Morecambe-formed band the Heartbreaks, whose energy and passion recalls those of the classic C86 groups and Morrissey


Funtimes (2012)

Long-awaited, but fabulous indie pop on debut album from Morecambe-based band the Heartbreaks

Jealous Don't You Know (2011)

Brilliant 80's influenced pop on limited edition vinyl single from Maanchester-based four-piece, the Heartbreaks

I Didn't Think It Would Hurt to Think of You (2010)

Thrilling vinyl only second single from Manchester-based 80's-influenced indie guitar revivalists, the Heartbreaks

Liar, My Dear (2010)

Excellent vinyl only single from Manchester-based group the Heartbreaks, who are the perfect mixture of the Smiths and a host of C86 bands



Band on the Wall, Manchester, 9/11/2019 Toy - Band on the Wall, Manchester, 9/11/2019

Amanda J Window and her husband spend their wedding anniversary with TOY as the band play a special gig in Manchester.

X and Y Festival Miscellaneous - X and Y Festival

Marie Hazelwood takes photographs of the Crookes, the Heartbreaks and Catfish and the Bottlemen at this year's X and Y Festival at the O2 Academy in Liverpool

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