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Big Pink


Interview (2022)

Big Pink - Interview

The Big Pink lead singer and songwriter Robbie Furze talks to Cila Warncke about art, honesty and perfectly crafted tunes.


Electric Ballroom, London, 23/10/2009

Big Pink - Electric Ballroom, London, 23/10/2009

At a show at the Electic Ballroom in London, Chris O' Toole refuses to believe the hype and finds little to be excited after watching a performance from much acclaimed electro rockers, the Big Pink

ICA, London, 23/4/2009

Big Pink - ICA, London, 23/4/2009

At a gig at the London ICA to promote their forthcoming debut album, Anthony Strutt is impressed by 4AD's latest signing and rising stars of indie rock, the Big Pink


A Brief History of Love (2009)

Stylish, but unsasisfactory debut album from much hyped electronic duo and recent 4AD signing, the Big Pink

Dominos (2009)

Fashionable combuination of dance and indie on third 4AD single from British-based electronic duo, the Big Pink, whose debut album is due out in October

Stop the World (2009)

Fabulous dance-driven latest single from British-based electronic duo, the Big Pink

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