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Crystal Stilts


Green Door Store, Brighton, 23/11/2014

Crystal Stilts - Green Door Store, Brighton, 23/11/2014

At the Green Door Store in Brighton, Dastardly watches Brooklyn-based post punks Crystal Stilts play an effortlessly enthralling show


Nature Noir (2013)

Slowed-down but compelling third album from acclaimed Brooklyn-based post-punk band, Crystal Stilts

Radiant Door EP (2011)

Flawed, but sometimes brilliant new EP from New York-based noise pop band, Crystal Stilts

Shake the Shackles (2011)

Uplifting latest single from previously often seen-as-inaccessible New York post punk act, Crystal Stilts

Departure (2009)

Fine Cure-influenced vinyl only single from new Brooklyn-based band, Crystal Stilts



Frankie Rose
Interview Frankie Rose - Interview

Jeff Thiessen chats to former Dum Dum Girls member Frankie Rose about her two albums under her own name, 'Interstellar' and 'Herein Wild'


Crystal Stilts
Cargo, London, 30/3/2011 Adrian Edmondson - Cargo, London, 30/3/2011

In an evening beset with problems, Anthony Strutt at Cargo in London watches New York post punks Crystal Stilts play an enjoyable, if otherwise somewhat unremarkable gig

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