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Fuzzy Lights


The Hour (2013)

Haunting orchestral pop on latest single from Cambridge-based band, Fuzzy Lights

Rule of Twelfths (2013)

Dreamy folk on beautifully packaged third album from Cambridge-based group, Fuzzy Lights

Twin Feathers (2010)

Compelling post-rock on eerily haunting second album from Cambridge-based band Fuzzy Lights, which has expanded on this recording from a duo into a five-piece group

Helm (2010)

Flawed, but ulimtately haunting and enthralling new EP from Cambridge-based post rockers, Fuzzy Lights

A Distant Voice (2008)

Simultaneously soothing and sinister combination of folk and alternative blues on haunting debut album from largely instrumental Cambrdige-based band, the Fuzzy Lights

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