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Gaslight Anthem


Interview (2009)

Gaslight Anthem - Interview

The Gaslight Anthem incorporate elements of punk, 50s rock 'n' roll, soul and heavy rock together and have toured constantly in the last year to rising audiences. John Clarkson speaks to guitarist Alex Rosamilia about his group and their much acclaimed second album, 'The '59 Sound'


Gaslight Anthem (2009)

Gaslight Anthem - Gaslight Anthem

The Gaslight Anthem released their second album, ‘The ’59 Sound’, in August of last year and have toured constantly since it came out. The group, who come from New Brunswick in New jersey, incorpor


The Diamond Church Street Choir (2010)

Jubilant latest single from their much acclaimed 'American Slang' album for New Jersey rockers, the Gaslight Anthem

American Slang (2010)

Anthemic New Jersey rock on new single from the Gaslight Anthem, the first from their third album of the same name

The '59 Sound (2009)

Heartfelt latest single from much-acclaimed New Jersey folk punks, the Gaslight Anthem



Rose's Pawn Shop
Interview Rose's Pawn Shop - Interview

Ben Howarth chats to American folk/country group Rose's Pawn Shop who have just completed their first British tour at a gig in London about their latest album, ‘Dancing on the Gallows’, which was recorded with Gaslight Anthem producer Ted Hutt

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