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Miranda Lee Richards


Interview (2017)

Miranda Lee Richards - Interview

Carl Bookstein speaks with Los Angeles based singer songwriter Miranda Lee Richards about the unsettling state of the world and her topical new album ‘Existential Beast’.

Interview (2016)

Miranda Lee Richards - Interview

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Miranda Lee Richards talks to John Clarkson about her first album in seven years, the 60's and 70's-influenced 'Echoes of a Dreamtime'


Existential Beasts (2017)

Political but poetic commentary on the state of modern times from Californian singer-songwriter Miranda Lee Richards

Echoes of the Dreamtime (2016)

Hypnotic and atmospheric third album from Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter. Miranda Lee Richards

Lifeboat (2007)

Folk-influenced vinyl only single from LA-based singer-songwriter Miranda Lee Richards, which has as its B side an outstanding distortion friendly remix from Neil Halstead of Slowdive and Mojave 3 fame

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