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Kelley Stoltz


Interview (2007)

Kelley Stoltz - Interview

Kelley Stoltz is a San Francisco-based multi-instrumentalist. Anthony Strutt speaks to him about 'Crockodials', his re-recording of Echo and the Bunnyme's 'Crocodials', his new album 'Below the Branches', and his early career working with Jeff Buckley

Interview (2007)

Kelley Stoltz - Interview

Ray have been compared to acts such as the Waterboys, Nick Cave and the Chameleons. Helen Tipping speaks to them about their three albums to date, line-up problems and their plans and hopes for a less complicated and simpler future


Brixton Academy, London, 9/12/2010

Kelley Stoltz - Brixton Academy, London, 9/12/2010

Anthony Strutt at the Brixton Academy in London watches New York-based singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz play an impressive support slot for his favourite band of all time, Echo and the Bunnymen

ULU, London, 5/6/2008

Kelley Stoltz - ULU, London, 5/6/2008

Kelley Stoltz recently support in both America and Britian to gutsy garage rockers the Dirtbombs. At a gig at the ULU in London, Anthony Strutt is impressed by both his quirky tunes and his true sense of musical craftmanship


Kelley Stoltz (2014)

Kelley Stoltz - Kelley Stoltz

Bill Gray at Broadcast in Glasgow takes photographs of San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz


Double Exposure (2013)

Fabulous 60's and psychedelic-influenced latest album from melodic Detroit-raised, but now San Francisco-based singer-songwriter, Kelley Stoltz

To Dreamers (2010)

Fabulous and versatile sixth album from 60's-influenced Californian singer-songwriter Kelley Stoltz

Below the Branches (2006)

Diverse, distinctive fourth album from Detroit-born but San Francisco-based singer songwriter Kelley Stoltz, who has a similar eclectic genius to Brian Wilson

The Sun Comes Through (2006)

Lo-fi, but sunny-sounding indie rock from recent Sub Pop signing Kelley Stoltz



Dirtbombs/Kelley Stoltz
Babylon, Ottawa,15/4/2008 Dirtbombs - Babylon, Ottawa,15/4/2008

Andrew Carver is impressed by both godfathers of Detroit garage rock, the Dirtbombs, and also support act Kelley Stoltz, at a show at the Babylon in Ottawa

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