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Charlie Dore


Interview (2016)

Charlie Dore - Interview

Nick Dent-Robinson speaks to critically acclaimed singer and actress Charlie Dore about her new album, 'Milk Roulette'

Interview (2012)

Charlie Dore - Interview

Nick Dent-Robinson watched singer-songwriter Charlie Dore perform at a gig at Newbury in Berkshire, and talks to her about long and award-winning musical and acting career


Profile (2019)

Charlie Dore - Profile

Nick Dent-Robinson profiles the career of singer-songwriter and actress Charlie Dore, who is currently playing a small venue tour of the United Kingdom.


The Man Who Built Christmas (And Other Stories) (2021)

Fine new EP from Charlie Dore who has taken inspiration from the Christmas season, creating songs that will inspire us to consider what it is all about

Dark Matter (2017)

Imaginative latest album from award-winning singer-songwriter and actress Charlie Dore

Cuckoo Hill (2006)

Surprisingly strong and catchy orientated pop-rock from under-rated singer-songwriter Charlie Dore, best known previously for having a minor hit with her 1979 single 'Pilot of the Airwaves'

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