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The Story of the Yardbirds (2009)

Yardbirds - The Story of the Yardbirds

The Yardbirds provided a training ground for three of the world's greatest rock guitarists, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. Chris O' Toole, however, finds the DVD reissue of 1992 documentary film, 'The Story of the Yardbirds', lacking depth and quality



Eric Clapton
Interview Eric Clapton - Interview

In this archive interview Eric Clapton talks to Nick Dent-Robinson about his autobiography and long musical career

Jim McCarty
Interview Jim McCarty - Interview

Jim McCarty, the drummer with the 60's group the Yardbirds, speaks to Lisa Torem about his influential band's history and his recent solo album ,‘Sitting on the Top of Time’


Kings and Queens Renaissance - Kings and Queens

Classic rock group Renaissance went through various line-ups, including in its original incarnation former Yardbirds members Keith Relf and Jim McCarty. Carol Bookstein examines new DVD 'Kings and Queens', which captures live and video footage, much previously believed lost, of the group


Yardbirds, Grimsby, 29/9/2021 Spear Of Destiny - Yardbirds, Grimsby, 29/9/2021

Denzil Watson at Yardbirds in Grimsby watches an emotive performance from Spear of Destiny to celebrate the 35th anniversary of their third album, 'World Service'.

Jeff Beck
New Theatre, Oxford, 17/5/2014 Jeff Beck - New Theatre, Oxford, 17/5/2014

Nick Dent-Robinson watches former Yardbird guitarist Jeff Beck, who is seventy this year, play a dynamic set at the New Theatre in Oxford


Jim McCarty
Sitting on the Top of Time Red Ink - Sitting on the Top of Time

Lisa Torem examines Yardbirds' drummer Jim McCarty's 2009 album, 'Sitting on the Top of Time', his first solo album in six years

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