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Interview (2010)

Wire - Interview

Anthony Strutt talks to Wire bassist Graham Lewis at a gig in London about 'Red Barked Tree', their forthcoming new album

Interview with Colin Newman (2007)

Wire - Interview with Colin Newman

Wire’s career spans 30 years, and has extended from punkish early albums to electronic, melodic records in the 80's to more taut recent records. Mark Rowland talks to Colin Newman from the group about the re-release of the band's early catalogue with extra live recordings and their continued impact


Lexington, London, 15/4/2015

Wire - Lexington, London, 15/4/2015

At the Lexington in London, Adrian Janes witnesses a powerful performance from reinvigorated post-punk veterans, Wire


Wire (2015)

Competent eponymous fourteenth studio album from seminal post-punk outfit, Wire

Red Barked Tree (2010)

Fabulous and innovative twelfth album from pioneering punk band, Wire

Object 47 (2008)

Impressive eleventh album from ever inventive post-punk group Wire, who over thirty years on since forming continue to take their music in new and alternative directions

Send (2003)

Far-from-pretty, butspectacular post-punk rock from the much acclaimed Wire, returning with their first new studio album in ten years


Interview Lorna - Interview

Ben Howarth chats to Mark Rolfe, the front man with underrated Nottingham-based band Lorna about his band's unusual combination of influences and their recent fourth album, 'Heart on Wire'

It Hugs Back
Interview It Hugs Back - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Matthew Simms, the front man with Maidstone-based indie rock band It Hugs Back, about his dual career as a touring guitarist with Wire and ‘Laughing Party’, his band’s recently released second album

Fighting with Wire
Interview Fighting With Wire - Interview

Derry-based punk trio Fighting With Wire have only just released their debut album, 'Man Vs Monster', after a long delay. Singer Cahir O' Doherty speaks to Aaron Brown about it and their recent deal with Atlantic Records

Simon J. Alpin
Interview Tom Stevens - Interview

One of Britain's most prolific session musicians, Simon J. Alpin is also a producer and has worked with both the Willard Grant Conspiracy and Grand Drive. With Alpin's debut solo album, 'On the Wire' just out, John Clarkson speaks to him about the different strands of his career

Fighting with Wire
Interview Miscellaneous - Interview

Formed out the ashes of the ill-fated Clearshot, Northern Irish trio Fighting with Wire have toured with the likes of Biffo Clyro and Million Dead. Aaron Brown speaks to singer Cahir O' Doherty about the band's forthcoming album

Richmond Fontaine
Interview Richmond Fontaine - Interview

Since the success of their last album 'Post to Wire', alt rockers Richmond Fontaine have had a hectic touring schedule. Back for a third interview with Pennyblackmusic, they talk to John Clarkson about it and their new record 'The Fitzgerald'

Barb Wire Dolls
Reggie's, Chicago, 28/6/2012

Isis Queen, lead singer of The Barb Wire Dolls, and her band mates rev up the audience at Reggie's Rock Club in Chicago at a late night show. Lisa Torem's eyes are glued to the stage

Barrymore's, Ottawa, 6/10/2008 Killing Joke - Barrymore's, Ottawa, 6/10/2008

Andrew Carver watches veteran punk rockers Wire on a rare outing to Canada theee decades after first forming play an enthralling set of bristly art pop at Barrymore's in Ottawa

Richmond Fontaine
Spitz, London, 25/5/2004 Richmond Fontaine - Spitz, London, 25/5/2004

With their fifth and latest album 'Post to Wire' having put them firmly on the map, Americana act Richmond Fontaine toured the UK for the first time in May. Olga Sladeckova sees them put on a stunning performance at the London Spitz


Barb Wire Dolls
Photoscapes Barb Wire Dolls - Photoscapes

Melanie Smith takes photographs of Greek punk act Barb Wire Dolls at Sound Control in Manchester

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