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Interview (2005)

Walkabouts - Interview

The Walkabouts have just released 'Acetylene', their first album of original material in four years,and their loudest and angriest album to date. John Clarkson talks to frontman Chris Eckman about why after a decade they have gone back to their rock roots

Interview (2005)

Walkabouts - Interview

Walkabouts frontwoman Carla Torgerson has just released her debut solo album, 'Saint Stranger'. She speaks to John Clarkson about its long conception and the Walkabouts' forthcoming first studio album in four years

Interview (2003)

Walkabouts - Interview

Seattle's much acclaimed the Walkabouts first formed in 1983, and since then have released 13 albums. Frontman Chris Eckman chats to John Clarkson about his band's long history, and the band's 20 years together


Prague (2007)

Impressive and onvincing return to their rock roots by the Walkabouts on their new live album, 'Prague'

Acetylene (2005)

Stunning new record from Seattle's acclaimed the Walkabouts, who have returned after a four year hiatus in recording with the fieriest and the angriest album in their 21 year history

Shimmers (2003)

New 'Best of' compilation from the "graceful and elegant " Walkabouts, who remain pretty much a secret outside Central Europe



The Transmissionary Six
Interview with Paul Austin and Terri Moeller Transmissionary Six - Interview with Paul Austin and Terri Moeller

The project of Walkabouts' drummer Terri Moeller and former Willard Grant Conspiracy guitarist Paul Austin, Transmissionary Six are about to release a second album, 'Spooked'.John Clarkson speaks to them about it and their forthcoming first European tour

Transmissionary Six
Interview with Paul Austin Transmissionary Six - Interview with Paul Austin

Ex-Willard Grant Conspiracy guitarist , Paul Austin has recently formed a new band Transmissionary Six with Walkabouts' drummer Terri Moeller. In the band's first interview, he talks to John Clarkson about the band's eponymous debut album.


Orange Blossom 10 Miscellaneous - Orange Blossom 10

John Clarkson finds a three hour double DVD about the 10th Orange Blossom Special, the festival of the German label Glitterhouse, and which featured sets from the Walkabouts, the Great Crusades, Big Bang, Seachange and Robert Fisher of the Willard Grant Conspiracy, totally riveting

Interview with Lutz Mastmeyer Miscellaneous - Interview with Lutz Mastmeyer

The largest indie label in Germany, Glitterhouse includes on its roster the Willard Grant Conspiracy, the Walkabouts,16 Horsepower and Rocket from the Tombs. Second-in-charge Lust Mastmayer chats about its history and recent 20th anniversary celebrations

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