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Interview (2005)

Viarosa - Interview

London alt. rockers Viarosa have just released their debut Ep 'Porous' and have an album on the way. Frontman Richard Neuberg talks to John Clarkson about the influence his one-time Catholic faith and personal tragedy has had on his songwriting


Borderline, London, 11/4/2007

At the Borderline in London, Olga Sladeckova watches rising alt. country bands Viarosa and Hey Negrita, the latter playing its first gig in a new line-up, play stunning sets

Night and Day, Manchester, 10/12/2006

Viarosa - Night and Day, Manchester, 10/12/2006

In a show at the Night and Day in Manchester Helen Tipping finds forthcoming Pennyblackmusic Bands Night headliners Viarosa's unique brand of dark alt. country an encapsulating experience

Luminaire, London, 20/1/2006

Viarosa - Luminaire, London, 20/1/2006

Alt rock band Viarosa have been meeting with increasing acclaim over the last year. Olga Sladeckova watches them play a powerful set at the Luminaire in London


Send For The Sea (2008)

Staggeringly life-affirming and diverse second album from London-based Americana project, Viarosa

Where The Killers Run (2005)

Diverse, complex and ultimately redemptive debut album from outstanding London six piece Viarosa, which encompasses elements of rock, folk, country and the blues



Interview Marble Valley - Interview

In what is our second interview with him, John Clarkson speaks to Richard Neuberg from London-based Americana act Viarosa about his group's second album, 'Send For The Sea' and the developments in his song writing since their first album, 'Where the Killers Run'


Pennyblackmusic Bands Night

Our 9th Pennyblackmusic Bands Night which took place on the 3rd March featured strong performances from Viarosa, the Bitter Springs, Joe Gideon and the Shark and Andy Thompson. We look back on a great night of music

Pennyblackmusic Bands Night
Profile Miscellaneous - Profile

We preview the 9th Penny Black Music Night which will take place at the Spitz in London on Saturday 3rd March and will feature Viarosa, the Bitter Springs and Joe Gideon and the Shark

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