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Royal Trux


Profile (2003)

Royal Trux - Profile

Beginning "as a musical shambles", and dying as "a hard-riffing rock machine", Royal Trux over the course of 14 years recorded 10 albums. Andrew Carver looks back on their prolific career


Live - Platinum Tips + Ice Cream (2018)

Excellent live 'best of' from Neil Hagerty and Jennifer Herrema who after fifteen years apart reformed Royal Trux for gigs in New York and LA.



Royal Trux S. Gears - Royal Trux

American alternative rock duo Royal Trux have been remembered for recording albums that were as eccentric as they were sometimes unlistenable. Andrew Carver reflects upon their first four albums which have just been reissued by Domino Records

Unlistenable ?
Miscellaneous -

Jon Rogers devotes a day listening to some of the most unlistenable albums of all time including albums by Lou Reed, Royal Trux, John Lennon and Yoko Ono


Neil Hagerty
Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 4/6/2003 Neil Hagerty - Dominion Tavern, Ottawa, 4/6/2003

Two years ago Andrew Carver watched Neil Hagerty put on a stunning set at Ottawa's Dominion Tavern in one of Royal Trux's final perfomances, but finds that, now he has turned solo, he has lost none of his impact in a return engagement

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