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Roger Mcguinn


Interview (2014)

Roger Mcguinn - Interview

Lisa Torem speaks to former Byrds singer and guitarist Roger McGuinn about his personal influences, the importance of traditional muisc and his forthcoming UK tour


Peace On You (2018)

Roger Mcguinn - Peace On You

Carl Bookstein reflects on 'Peace on You', the 1974 second solo album from Byrds founder, singer and guitarist Roger McGuinn which has just been reissued.


Born to Rock and Roll (2013)

Fabulous compilation of former Byrds' front man Roger McGuinn's 70's solo albums



Steve Robinson
Interview Steve Robinson - Interview

English-born but now Florida-based singer-songwriter Steve Robinson is the former guitarist with the Headlights, who worked in the 90's as Byrds star Roger McGuinn's touring band. Malcolm Carter talks to him about his latest solo album, 'Undercurrent', and his unique brand of melodic pop

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