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Richmond Fontaine


Interview (2016)

Richmond Fontaine - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Willy Vlautin, the vocalist and songwriter with acclaimed Portland, Oregon-based Americana band Richmond Fontaine about its tenth and farewell album, ‘You Can’t Go Back if There’s Nothing to Go Back to'

Interview (2009)

Richmond Fontaine - Interview

The singer and songwriter with acclaimed group Richmond Fontaine, Willy Vlautin, speaks to John Clarkson in what is our fifth interview with them about the difficult personal events that inspired the writing of his band's eighth album, We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River’

Interview (2007)

Richmond Fontaine - Interview

'Thirteen Citiees' is the recently released latest album of Americana act Richmond Fontaine. Vocalist Willy Vlautin and bassist Dave Harding speak to John Clarkson about it and why they decided to relocate from their base in Portland, Oregon to Tucson, Arizona to record it

Interview (2005)

Richmond Fontaine - Interview

Since the success of their last album 'Post to Wire', alt rockers Richmond Fontaine have had a hectic touring schedule. Back for a third interview with Pennyblackmusic, they talk to John Clarkson about it and their new record 'The Fitzgerald'

Interview (2004)

Richmond Fontaine - Interview

Richmond Fontaine's career has started to take off since they went totally independent, and they are now beginning to break into Europe. Back for a second interview with us, co-founders Willy Vlautin and Dave Harding speak to us about their new album, 'Po

Interview (2002)

Richmond Fontaine - Interview

Naming their fifth and most recent record 'Winnemucca' after a small Nevada gambling town, Willy Vlautin and Dave Harding from highly regarded 'country punk' group Richmond Fontaine speak to John Clarkson about Winnemucca and lyric and song writing


Greystones, Sheffield, 25/4/2016

Richmond Fontaine - Greystones, Sheffield, 25/4/2016

Keith How enjoys Richmond Fontaine's literary Americana at a gig in Sheffield on their farewell tour

Luminaire, London, 22/5/2007

Richmond Fontaine - Luminaire, London, 22/5/2007

At the Luminaire in London, Olga Sladeckova watches Willy Vlautin do a book reading from his debut novel 'The Motel Life', before bringing on his band Richmond Fontaine to play a thunderous set of country rock

Borderline, London, 28/9/2004

Richmond Fontaine - Borderline, London, 28/9/2004

Portland-based Americana act Richmond Fontaine recently returned to Britain for the second time in a year. Olga Sladeckova watches them play a triumphant set at the London Borderline

Spitz, London, 25/5/2004

Richmond Fontaine - Spitz, London, 25/5/2004

With their fifth and latest album 'Post to Wire' having put them firmly on the map, Americana act Richmond Fontaine toured the UK for the first time in May. Olga Sladeckova sees them put on a stunning performance at the London Spitz


We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River (2009)

Cinematic and atmospheric eighth studio album from Portland, Oregon-based group Richmond Fontaine, which, while often sadly bleak in its subject matter, is also emphatically life affirming

Thirteen Cities (2007)

Enthrallingly musically diverse and lyrically compassionate seventh album from Portland, Oregon-based alt. rockers, Richmond Fontaine

Post To Wire (2004)

Spectacular fifth album from Richmond Fontaine, which finds the usually bleak Oregon-based Americana group looking more optimistically towards the future

Winnemucca (2002)

Striking and lyrical fourth album from Portland, Oregon "country punks" Richmond Fontaine which, rich in cinematic atmosphere, uses a pedal steel as a main instrument



Interview with Willy Vlautin Delines - Interview with Willy Vlautin

Richmond Fontaine frontman and singer-songwriter Willy Vlautin talks to John Clarkson about his new band the Delines, their debut album 'Colfax', and 'The Free', his recently published fourth novel

Dave Harding
Interview Dave Harding - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Richmond Fontaine bassist Dave Harding about his second solo album ‘You Came Through’, his family's recent move to Denmark and Richmond Fontaine’s future

Interview Harding - Interview

The bassist with Americana outfit Richmond Fontaine, Dave Harding has just released his debut solo album, 'Across the Road'. He speaks to John Clarkson about its classic rock influences and his late friend and former bandmate, Todd Scherer,who inspired its recording


Willy Vlautin
Roundhouse, London, 9/2/2010 Willy Vlautin - Roundhouse, London, 9/2/2010

At the London Roundhouse, Anthony Middleton admires Richmond Fontaine singer Willy Vlautin's honesty, humour and insight at a show in which he both played songs solo and also performed readings from his new novel, 'Lean On Pete'


Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night, Brixton JAMM, London, 16/3/2013 Miscellaneous - Pennyblackmusic Bands' Night, Brixton JAMM, London, 16/3/2013

We profile our next Penny Black Music Bands' Night, which will take place on Saturday 16th march at the Brixton JAMM in London and will feature sets from the Galileo 7, Dave Harding (Richmond Fontaine), T.O.Y.S. and Ten

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