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Bad Religion


Interview with Jay Bentley (2005)

Bad Religion - Interview with Jay Bentley

25 years on from first forming American Californian punks Bad Religion still continue to hold relevance with modern generations. Ana Grabov talks to bassist Jay Bentley about why politics and religion continue to have a lasting influence on their music

Interview (2004)

Bad Religion - Interview

Now in their 24th year together, hardcore punk outfit Bad Religion are back with a new album, 'The Process of Belief'. Mark Rowland talks to bassist Jay Bentley about how after all this time they keep things fresh, and their recent hip hop influence


Photoscapes (2022)

Bad Religion - Photoscapes

Philamonjaro photographs LA punk legends Bad Religion at at Republicca in Valencia, Spain.


Christmas Songs (2013)

Effective Christmas covers album from durable American hard rock band, Bad Religion

Maps of Hell (2007)

Intelligent and outspoken punk on fourteenth album from the ever reliable Bad Religion.

Process Of Belief (2002)

Latest release from the Californian punk band proves to be almost exactly like every release Bad Religion have released since 1988's notorious 'Suffer'.



Hardcore Punk Story
Part 2-Punk Learns How to Play 1984-1994 Miscellaneous - Part 2-Punk Learns How to Play 1984-1994

In the second in his series on the American hardcore movement, Mark Rowland examines the years between 1984 and 1994, and the impact of bands such as Husker Du, Bad Religion, the Jesus Lizard and Fugazi

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