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Interview (2006)

Prefects - Interview

One of the forgotten bands of the 70's punk era, the Prefects have recently seen their career got through a revival with the release of two posthumumous records. Adam Wood chats to Rob Lloyd, who is now with the Nightingales, about his one-time band


Going Through the Motions (2020)

Insightful retrospective of studio recordings and live performances from short-lived 70's Birmingham punk band the Prefects

Live 1978 The Co-Op Suite Birmingham (2006)

Intriguing recording from until now forgotten Birmingham punks the Prefects, who return from obscurity with this live album which was recorded upon a 1978 tour with the Slits and the Buzzcocks

Amateur Wankers (2005)

Largely forgettable compilation from Birmingham 70's punk's also-rans the Prefects, who toured with the Clash, the Slits and the Subway Sect



Interview Nightingales - Interview

John Clarkson speaks to Robert Lloyd of Birmingham-based punk/alternative band The Nightingales about their recently released latest album 'No Love Lost'


Photoscapes Nightingales - Photoscapes

Bill Gray takes photographs of Birmingham-based punk/alternative band the Nightingales at a show in Glasgow

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