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Pete Weiss


Interview (2007)

Pete Weiss - Interview

Producer, engineer and mixer Pete Weiss, back for a third interview with Pennyblackmusic, chats to John Clarkson about his new open concept studio Verdant which is based in New England, and his current three very different groups, the Weisstronauts, Sool and Orange Nichole

Interview (2002)

Pete Weiss - Interview

Pete Weiss is one of the most important and influential members of the Boston independent music scene. An established and highly respected record producer, mixer and engineer, he is the co-owner of Zi


Pete Weiss (2011)

Pete Weiss - Pete Weiss

John Clarkson finds Vermont-based producer and musician Pete Weiss to have moved away from his surrealist humorous past and to be in more serious frame of mind on both his bands, the Weisstronauts and Sool's latest EPs, 'The Wisstronauts in Memphis' and 'A Touch of Sool'


Pete Weiss And The Rock Band (2001)

Pete Weiss is an established Boston producer and engineer, and has worked with acts such as ‘The Willard Grant Conspiracy’, former ‘Velvet Underground’ members Doug Yule and Mo Tucker , ‘The Magdalene

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