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Interview (2005)

Pennywise - Interview

One of the biggest acts on the Epitaph label, Pennywise are currently on a world tour. Guitarist Fletcher Dragge speaks to Anastasia Grabov about his battles with authority, the death of punk rock and what it's really like to "live the dream"


Brixton Academy, London, 6/6/2004

Pennywise - Brixton Academy, London, 6/6/2004

At London's Deconstruction Festival, Philip Vincent finds himself reconverted to punk after watching sets from the likes of Pennywise, MxPx., Anti-Flag, the Slackers and the Beatsteaks


From The Ashes (2003)

Earnest eighth album from passionate Californian punk rockers Pennywise, that proves to be a return to form

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