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Paul Nelson


Interview (2017)

Paul Nelson - Interview

American producer, arranger and guitarist and foremer Johnny Winter manager Paul Nelson talks with Lisa Torem about 'Badass Generation, his band’s debut album

Interview Part 1 (2015)

Paul Nelson - Interview  Part 1

In a two part interview Paul Nelson, the long-term guitarist and producer for Johnny Winter, who died last year, talks about his relationship with Winter and his posthumously released album, 'Step Back'

Interview Part 2 (2015)

PB: In Johnny’s autobiography, ‘Raisin’ Cain,’ you talked about rebuilding his career when he really needed help. PN: You’re living day-to-day trying to make sure that he’s alive tomorrow. That’s

Interview (2010)

Paul Nelson - Interview

Guitarist Paul Nelson has a solo career, is a session musician, music writer and also the manager and member of the Johnny Winter Band. He talks to Lisa Torem about playing with the legendary Texan guitarist and how he balances the different strands of his busy career

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